Sylskar – Volunteer 06/16/2020

Through the years of searching for organizations that make a measurable impact in society, Wings for LIFE International is one of the most noted that I have found. The dedication to building the structure of the family and providing the tools to navigate the obstacles that people will face is remarkable. The relentless proactive approach to improve the lives of those facing and uphill challenge is met with involvement in governmental affairs to personal interaction and support. It is a pleasure to work with such a remarkable and dedicated team that seeks to find every avenue to help improve the lives of those it can reach. I am blessed with the opportunity, as the Tutoring Coordinator, to work with the children and parents to build a supportive family where we can rely on each other for support in all aspects of life. I look forward to engaging in future endeavors with Wings for LIFE International to bring hope and joy to all who seek it.

Michael J. Sylskar

TRKeesing – Volunteer 06/16/2020

An organization with a lot of energy and a heart to truly assist re-turning citizens re-integrate into their families and communities.

PhilGilbert – Volunteer 06/11/2020

I am a volunteer for Wings for L.I.F.E. I am privileged to teach a karate program designed to help children gain confidence in order to make better decisions regarding behavior and choosing friends who act positively in society. The purpose of this self defense program is to drastically reduce the number of children of current and former inmates from being incarcerated themselves from 72% to 0%.

The Wings general program assists former inmates integrate into society in a loving and accepting environment through education teaching life skills that were disregarded in high school. Often this is the only positive in a returning citizen’s day!

Wings130 – Professional with expertise in this field 06/10/2020

I am the Executive Director and Founder of Wings and I’d like to THANK the thousands of volunteers who have given of their time, talent, energy, and finances to support and help Wings these past 25 years. Wings absolutely has the BEST, MOST DEDICATED and CARING volunteers and they are all over the world.

THANKS to EACH of YOU for making Wings such a great place!!!!

rjan2019 – Volunteer 06/09/2020

Wings For LIFE is an amazing, dedicated nonprofit that reaches out to at risk families in our communities to support those who have incarcerated family members. WFL also provides support to children and families of returning citizens. The Monday evening meetings are a great time to have a free family style dinner, get to know new people around the table, and hear an interesting and informative lesson from experts who share their wisdom to help anyone in different areas of their lives. No matter who you are or what you have been through you will be greeted with a smiling face and respect at WFL, and come away with having learned something new.

Marywings – Volunteer 06/08/2020

I am a volunteer for Wings and have been associated for 8 years with this program. Wings is a very well respected program with the NM Corrections Department and has been able to visit all 11 prisons bringing a Family Day party to the prison. Children are able to visit their loved ones. Children of prisoners are up to 72% more likely to become incarcerated themselves.
Wings is an empowerment program that provides life skills, education, training and support for the family members and children. Mary Briggs.

Yolanda M.1 – Volunteer 06/08/2020

Wings For LIFE is a program has been developed to reach out to families that may be at risk.
Our family style dinners, table discussions, programs, manners, stories, special events, tutoring and crafts are all put together to support individuals and families. We also have special events and community parties where all the children are welcome! Please contact Wings if you would like to become a volunteer. We accept all ages!

Yolanda Mattison,
Volunteer Coordinator for Wings.

Almondlooks – Volunteer 05/31/2020

WFLI is one of the most incredible nonprofits I have ever had the pleasure of volunteering for! The work they do is so vital and important, and truly makes a difference in people’s lives. I am forever changed by my experience working side by side with this organization. Thank you for the opportunity!

nwrobins – General Member of the Public 05/22/2020

Great functions within the communities in NM, always reaching out to the less fortunate, and the stories are inspiration to my soul. Your words of wisdom are a motivation.

embarr1234 – Professional with expertise in this field 05/22/2020

WFLI is an exceptional community partner! The work they do in helping women find strength through pro-social learning environments is second to none. Ann is an energetic executive director who draws her fuel from her own life experience as well as from changing lives for the better! We are fortunate to have the women in our rehabilitative reeentry center be serviced by Wings every week both in group sessions and in peer mentoring. This organization deserves the title of “great non-profits” since it sets such a tremendous example of service and sacrifice for those entrusted to their care.

Thank you and congratulations! None more deserving!

Emanuel Barr
National Director, Community Outreach
GEO Reentry Services

dhstouffer – Volunteer 05/22/2020

I have volunteered at numerous non-profits around Albuquerque and each have had an impact on my life in one form or another, none however has had the influence on my life experience as Wings for LIFE International. The dedication of the staff and Board are obvious, always stepping up to a challenge. The impact on the families Wings serve is remarkable, the way they respond through continuous attendance and participation is inspiring. Then there is prison ‘Family Days’ when the incarcerated have the opportunity to interact with their families; these events are a demonstration in the goodness of the human heart. But I think the biggest inspiration I receive from my volunteering with Wings is their CEO. Ann Edenfield-Sweet, the energetic, always moving this organization forward with a dedication that is inclusive, guiding, and energizing all those around her to excel. Wings is exhilarating.