Amont4900 – Volunteer 12/16/2019

My name is Alice Montoya and I am a student at the Central New Mexico Community College and I chose to do my internship with WINGS because the service they provide is near and dear to my heart. I have had family that have been incarcerated and I know the impact that this brings upon everyone involved. I am grateful for this organization and what they provide to the community. I volunteered at the Monday meetings where I learned so much. They provide a valuable service to those in need. I was privileged to get to know some very amazing people. Ann is one of the most sincere people I have ever met. She truly cares about each and everyone that comes through the doors. The professionalism of the staff and volunteers was a breath of fresh air. You know they are all committed to WINGS by how they treat everyone. Yolanda, the volunteer coordinator was my point of contact and she made my experience with WINGS a pleasant one. She provided helpful direction in completing my volunteer hours. Soraya who works with their social media was one individual that went above and beyond to make me feel welcomed as she did for so many. She is a great asset to the WINGS family. They truly make you feel like family and I won’t forget how awesome they are. I look forward to doing my Bachelor’s internship with them. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the WINGS family!

zayramelchor – Volunteer 11/27/2019

I am a student at The University of New Mexico. I chose WINGS for my internship because I read their description and I was very interested. I mainly work with the children who attend the Monday meetings but I also get to meet great new people each time. My first time at WINGS was amazing and I knew that from there onward that I was really going to like it. I don’t know what I was expecting but it was better than what I expected. Every Monday I look forwards to it. I have definitely learned a lot life skills from here and have opened up my mind more. Overall, I am glad I choose WINGS for my internship.

ealtamimi – Volunteer 08/19/2019

Wings for Life International is an amazing organization I’ve ever volunteered at. Instantly on my first day there I was welcomed by everyone and felt so loved. My kids love going with me every week. Anne is one of the most generous people to walk on this earth. What she and her organization have done for society is beyond amazing. No matter your situation or back round when your at WFLI you are never judged or treated differently.

christinahardesty – Volunteer 08/16/2019

Conducting joyous celebrations of unconditional love that breaks down barriers” Wings For Life International gave me an experience that was exactly that! My name is Christina, and I am a student at CNM where I was taking a Interpersonal Communications class that had each student choose a non profit organization to practice our communication skills. I chose Wings for Life and went every Monday evening right after class. There were nights where I arrived there tired and quiet, and then I left energized and over the moon happy! Singing and laughing on my way home! The community there welcomed me with kindness and acceptance. My time there was truly a great experience and I am grateful.

NAvitia – Volunteer 08/14/2019

Working as a volunteer for Wings For Life has been an incredible experience. I was able to do my volunteering through a Service Learning class at Central New Mexico Community College and I am so glad I did! Wings For Life is a program that changes lives and impacts the Albuquerque community in such a beautiful way. During my time at Wings I was able to see the wonderful and welcoming atmosphere of understanding and compassion for those in the program as well as their families. Wings For Life is able to provide these families with resources and life skills to build themselves that they otherwise would not be as easily exposed to. The work done by Wings For Life is incredible and I will absolutely be back to volunteer again.

Jcharley – Volunteer 08/08/2019

I like that Wings for L.I.F.E International is very family oriented and it also promotes effective communication skills. It exposes many people to new experiences and I like that I met a few people who want to improve poor resources on the Navajo Nation. Wings has taught me that you have to have the same experiences as others who attend the Monday night events. It has inspired me to get involved with the community so that I can make an effort to make a change in the community. I was introduced to many people who have the same goals as I do and I think that this is a good place to start a network of mentors or other who are willing to collaborate their careers to help different communities.

Nismael – Volunteer 08/05/2019

I started at Wings for Life International Organization as a volunteer due to one of my classes at CNM. Wings for Life International has a great community that includes everyone. I really like attending the Monday meetings, there are always topics to discus. I really like how including everyone is and how friendly everyone was.

JLevsen – Volunteer 08/05/2019

I began attending Wings for L.I.F.E. Monday events for service learning requirements at CNM as part of my Public Speaking class. The environment is great at these events. Meeting new people, hearing stories of hardship and success, and sharing a meal with new friends is a great way to spend an evening. A good meal and a great time awaits at the Monday night meetings.

S.Murphy – Volunteer 07/18/2019

I am studying sociology, criminology, and victimology. Wings for L.I.F.E. is an amazing group and the connections I have made along with the information learned has repeatedly surprised me. One could not ask for a more informative social outreach venue that has a real impact on people’s lives. Thank you all so much!

Fallah – Volunteer 06/20/2019

Wings For L.I.F.E International is a awesome nonprofit that is helping in reducing recidivism in Liberia. Lots of returning citizens are overwhelmed. We share Christ love by telling bible stories, games and much more. Special thanks to the Executive Director Ann for the opportunity given to Liberia.

mmaestas95 – Volunteer 05/08/2019