szunie – Volunteer 08/01/2018

Over the past couple of months, I have had the opportunity to interact with families and other volunteers at Wings For Life and I can’t say enough about this wonderful organization and the resources they offer the community. During my first time in attendance, I was welcomed with open arms! A few speakers that I have been present for offer resources to new job opportunities, parenting skills, financial management, and information on the judicial system. I’ve had the great honor of witnessing how these types of resources assist individuals and families create a path that they can be be proud! Thank you, Wings! A special thank you to Michelle…

Writer – Volunteer 07/30/2018

I’ve been with WFLI as an intern for 6 months. Amazing months. They all became a family for me, very welcoming and supportive. I really enjoyed participating in their Monday night program and meeting new people who were going through some transition in their life and found enough courage to share their stories with us. Getting to know all the clients at Wings’ events helped me broaden my perspective, which is absolutely crucial for me as a future social worker. I truly encourage everyone who is interested in macro level social work and community service field to come do your practicum and volunteer at Wings. Ann Edenfield Sweet is a wonderful mentor/instructor and a very caring and dedicated individual who wants to make a change with all her heart. Thank you, Wings!

emarchetti – Volunteer 07/24/2018

Wings for Life is an amazing organization that really does care about people. For my first Monday dinner I was nervous, but everyone there is very nice and welcoming. Wings is a great place to go to if you want to change your life or see other people change. Everyone who attends the Monday dinners is working towards a goal, for some its regaining custody of their child or looking for help after being released from prison. Wings for Life isn’t going to judge anyone based off of their past. The Wings staff and volunteers are honestly trying to help people improve themselves.
– Emily Marchetti

asandoval165 – Volunteer 07/23/2018

I cannot begin to explain how wonderful this organization is… Everyone is so inviting and helpful. All they want is to help better peoples lives in any way they can. i love our Monday night community meetings at the church and all the services they provide. They teach classes like parenting or job development, they will help you build resume and how to look for a good job that is appropriate for your needs. They NEVER judge you or turn you away they always see the positive and the good in people. Wings For Life has helped me in so many different ways. I will always be grateful for the time, energy, dedication and efforts that they give to everyone. Thank you.

savannahpayton – Volunteer 05/02/2018

For the past semester I had the opportunity to volunteer at Wings meetings on Monday nights. I feel so blessed to have done so and I am sad that my time there has come to an end. Wings is an amazing community that mentors child and adults alike. The dinner portion of the meeting was my favorite because I had the chance to get to know everyone at the table and sit by new people every week. This also gave me the chance just to listen to people and make connections with them. Wings is an amazing organization that is impacting the lives of so many and I hope that they can continue to do so. If you are looking in to the chance to volunteer, Wings is the perfect place!
-Savannah P

zbirch – Volunteer 04/26/2018

I have had the privilege of working with this amazing organization because of an assignment I received for school. I was drawn to Wings because their emphasis on education was important to me. Just like many of the participants, my family has endured the loss of a loved one to incarceration so it was a very personal decision to choose this organization for my assignment. I admired that they focused on educating both returning citizens and their families. I met some wonderful people who showed me that there is another option after incarceration and that success is possible despite what society expects from you.
CNM Student

MuenZhang – Volunteer 04/25/2018

I am an international student from China, I chose Wings because it is an international nonprofit organization. I went to Wings every Monday since two months ago, and it is a very good experience that can be remember whole life. Thanks Wings let me know things about returning citizens and their family. God bless you all!
Muen Zhang

AaronRS. – Volunteer 04/24/2018

Serving with Wings these last 3 months has been such a positive experience. Having the opportunity to meet so many incredible individuals has been the highlight of my overall service. Ann is incredibly motivated and completely dedicated to everyone that walks into these meetings. I have learned a lot and hope to continue serving with them.