tthai4 – Volunteer 07/20/2017

I volunteered at Wings for LIFE for my CNM service learning. I enjoy the time I spent there, meeting and getting to know new people. It helps you learn about the community and is a way you can help with community involvement. Wings is a good and enjoyable learning experience.

jeninapenina – Volunteer 04/25/2017

I had to complete service learning hours for school and was thankful to have been placed at Wings for LIFE. This organization teaches life skills and coping mechanisms to people returning to society as well as their families including children. They also help people with basic needs like food and clothing. In my opinion this organization and organizations like it are exactly what’s needed to help end unhealthy life cycles for future generations.

hozer222 – Volunteer 04/25/2017

Wings for Life is a great non-profit charity. As a volunteer I was able to get to know many returning citizens, and the dreams and goals they set for themselves. The staff is great and very helpful. Hozer Nunez.

Writer – Volunteer 04/12/2017

I was placed at Wings For Life to complete my social work practicum in the Spring of 2017. Upon attending meetings, and being a part of the work done in the office, I learned how to better communicate with others, as well as become more in tuned with people and their real life situations. Wings For Life gave me the opportunity to get to know people on a level deeper than the surface mask, and that is something that is greatly appreciated.

-Selena Vineyard

Evange – Volunteer 04/05/2017

Wings is a phenomenal organization. It helps not only children and families, but I also worked with some great returning citizens.

smjones6 – Volunteer 03/30/2017

I started out my volunteer services for Wings For Life through a internship program. I enjoy going to Wings For Life on Mondays, it is a different experience every time I attend. When I first went to Wings For Life I did not know what to expect and who I would meet. To this day I met quite a few families and learn a lot about what the struggles those families go through to live an everyday life. They are inspirational and a joy to have got to know, both the families and the other volunteers. I have to say I met some very interesting people, I enjoyed the guest speakers and the parenting program was educational and fun. This non-profit organization is awesome. They have many services to offer and they treat you as you were family. In fact, that is why Wings For Life is one big happy family!

Nonprofits22 – Volunteer 03/23/2017

Interning at Wings For L.I.F.E. has been a rewarding experience never to be forgotten. I was introduced to Ann through mutual ministry partners five years ago. A student internship was never on my radar, but through a series of events I found myself under the tutelage of Ann. She has a passion for the mission “transforming lives to break the generational cycle of incarceration” that is contagious. Seeing lives being transformed is the best reward any volunteer could experience.

Writer – Volunteer 03/22/2017

Although I had never heard of this organization before, I am proud that someone took the time to help those who have had issues in the past with a loved one who is (has) been incarcerated. Ann is passionate about this as she comes from where those seeking help are today. My exposure to this was do to a class assignment and it has awakened me with the struggles that families face with a loved one who is incarcerated. The program gets the families involved with new and different events/experiences. This program wants to break the circle of being arrested and shows the youngest members in these families that they don’t need to follow in the path of those closest to them. Bravo!

Writer – Volunteer 03/10/2017

I chose WFL because it fit perfectly with my schedule. After spending some time volunteering, it’s been a great experience. I would love to continue volunteering when my schedule permits. Everything they do to support the community is wonderful. The commitment and enthusiasm shown by everyone is apparent the minute you walk in the door. I want to thank them for letting me experience this program.