Writer – Volunteer 12/26/2017

I currently volunteer with Wings For LIFE International and I can honestly
say that I am proud to be a part of this organization. The people from the
population Wings works with are from all walks of life but all are treated
equally. I have learned a great deal from this organization and gladly promote them with a great many people. Many were never even aware that their were even programs out there like that that work with returning citizens. The Monday night programs, the speakers, the special Christmas parties, the Family Days at the prisons, etc, are all very welcoming and informative. I enjoy meeting all the different people, the interns we host and learning new information. Thank you Wings for all the hard work put into your program.

lbrk – Volunteer 12/22/2017

Volunteering with Wings For Life was an awesome experience. They are dedicated to the community and providing opportunities to those who may not have them anywhere else. Overall, they are a great organization.

jbarker4 – Volunteer 12/06/2017

The reason I found out about Wings For Life was because it was required to do an internship for a class I’m taking. Although, I was required to intern my time at Wings For Life was not wasted. The organization is amazing and filled with so many passionate and dedicated people. Albuquerque has a very high crime so a program like Wings is a very noble cause to try and help those who are returning to society. Wings is like one big happy family! I have enjoyed my time at Wings and hope that I will be able to keep in touch. Thank you for the wonderful and memorable experience.

trodges – Volunteer 12/02/2017

I truly loved being a volunteer here at wings for life. It’s inspiring how much passion and dedication Ann and her staff have for helping the community. With our crime rate being so high in Albuquerque, its great to see a group like this making efforts towards helping the problem rather than just acknowledging it. It was also great to see how the people who attended the weekly meetings were impacted by wings and how the program has influenced them to make changes in their lives. Great organization!!

nourir – Volunteer 11/28/2017

It was a great first experiance work with charity and nonprofit organization. I enjoyed the time and skills that wings had to offer. I liked that they helped family and children as well, this shows there is hope.

Graciela_Q – Volunteer 11/21/2017

I have been attending Wings for life as a volunteer since September. Being a part of wings has been a great experience. I look forward to it every Monday especially being a member at the dinner table and contributing to group discussion about everyday topics such as “what makes good family relationships” or “what makes up a good resume.” Helping out with the children is also a big part of what makes wings memorable . I had a chance to plan an activity for the children which was a great experience in helping me in my career path. I hope that after my internship is over I can still be a part of this awesome organization.

Bethhope – Volunteer 11/20/2017

In a political climate where everything is geared by “us” and “them,” it’s so nice to go to Wings For Life where we all belong. This is a wonderful program that is managed purely by love and faith in humankind. Ann, Yolanda, and the Wings staff are loving and welcoming to everyone no matter what your unique circumstances may be. I started going here to “help” others but the truth is, they’ve helped me so much more. I’m blessed for the friendships I’ve made through Wings.
Beth M.

Danyella G.

Danyella G. – Volunteer 11/20/2017

I was a volunteer for Wings, and what there doing is just life changing. They really care about all of these families, they welcome them with open arms and mind. There is no judgement, everyone is so nice and friendly and willing to help in any way possible. This made me want to help more in any way that i could be of service. The resources they provide from family dinners, parenting classes, and the activities for the children. It is something amazing that they are doing and changing lives.

Feliciaa – Volunteer 11/20/2017

I volunteered at Wings for life and it was just great. You learn proper etiquette at a dinner table, how to set a table. It’s a really great feeling helping others and you get a great experience here and everyone is so welcoming. I needed 30 hours for a class a UNM, but I am proud to say I will continue to come after I have completed my hours.