TsRam – Volunteer 11/14/2016

I was a volunteer in Wings for life, it was great, people are so nice, and they have a special topic that help you in your life when you are facing a family problem. This organization is great, it can change your life if you attend the meeting every week. If you can bring your kids in the meeting it’s a good choice because they have a special program for the kids.

Cloe1996 – Volunteer 08/10/2016

I began volunteering at Wings for my very first introduction to Social Work class. I was so excited when they told me I would be working with a population who needed help, a hand, and some guidance. I talked with families and children whose family members were away and from the words they spoke, I could tell all of them were just trying to be strong, stay strong. Even though these families and children are free and not locked away in jail or prison; they are still struggling with personal pressures and societal pressures of being without their family member. That’s where the volunteers and the Wings members help guide them, with talks packed with helpful and needed information about; how to budget, parenting classes, ukulele classes and tutoring for the kids, how to get and keep a job, tattoos, what to ask probation/parole officers, going back to school etc. All of these talks are to empower these individuals whether they be a returning citizen, a child whose mother/father is in prison or jail, mothers of incarcerated individuals. Wings is there to offer a healthy, safe, friendly, educational, helpful, easy environment that is judge free. Being the supportive organization for people who need to be empowered, remembered, heard, and seen. I loved volunteering at Wings and even though my Social Work class has ended, I am still planning on volunteering in my free time. 🙂

Catrina7 – Volunteer 08/03/2016

WINGS For Life is a wonderful, sorely needed organization. I have been volunteering with them for about 3 months now and I can attest to their commitment and passion for what they do. In helping incarcerated individuals and their families, they impart a sense of hope that many of these people have never had. Breaking the cycle of incarceration is the way to keep our children out of the system and WINGS provides the tools and skills to help do that. WINGS is desperately needed and I hope to see them being used by more judicial systems all over the world.

Writer – Volunteer 08/02/2016

I have been volunteering for this organization for approximately two and a half months with the Monday Night Support Groups. I have found it very interesting and informative. The resources brought in and guest speakers that give information to the group are very helpful in meeting the needs of the returning citizens and their families.

Writer – Volunteer 07/24/2016

Wings is a wonderful organization of support and education. Love spending time with the families and children.

hnajera – Volunteer 07/22/2016

This program is very impressive. I was grateful to be a part of this organization. I love what they stand for and I love the community involvement that makes this program so useful for the population in which they serve. I think it’s wonderful that someone thought of serving a community of families that have been devastated by the absence of their family member due to incarceration. This is great community outreach.


Crystal91 – Volunteer 07/11/2016

Wings provides great positive family nights on Mon nights that are great for everyone, especially children. Much is information is gained, as there are a variety of topics discussed. They have also provided me with a positive purpose as a returning citizen coming back into society wanting to do positive and meaningful things.

atzatracy59 – Volunteer 07/11/2016

I first came to Wings For L.I.F.E. as a short-term worker through NICOA.Frankly, I didn’t think I would like it, but in the two months that I worked here, I came to understand the important work that Wings does to help inmates and their families to remain connected during incarceration. Once my time at Wings was completed, I signed up as a volunteer because I wanted to be a part of this wonderful VERY non-profit organization. I am proud to help represent them.
Margo Tracy

DarrylGraves – Client Served 06/09/2016

I have known Ann and supported Wings for over a decade now and I say without reservation that in my 25 years of correctional experience this is one of the most positively impactful ministries available to incarcerated persons and their families. I appreciate the simplicity, sincerity and consistency of the Wings message and the professionalism of the kinds of volunteers attracted to this ministry. I continue to promote the expansion of Wings in Ohio.

alegria809 – Volunteer 06/06/2016

Ann Edenfield and all of her faithful volunteers do great ministry every day – both within prisons to help keep families connected with their loved ones in prison – and for families outside of prison – with ongoing programs for the entire family twice a month in Albuquerque. Ann is also involved in helping connect those in the wider community who work with those who have been released from prison through RCC – Returning Citizens Collaborative, which is a great networking and advocacy organization.