Writer – Volunteer 11/07/2015

I enjoy coming out and volunteering at Wings. The work that is done at these weekly meetings is greatly needed to help returning citizens transition back into society after paying their debt. I see the smiles in the faces of the people when they give us positive progress reports and credit Wings for helping them in their progress.

Writer – Volunteer 10/26/2015

I have volunteered at Wings For L.I.F.E. for several months ago and from the first encounter I could tell it was nothing like any volunteer experience I’d ever participated in. Ann is the most positive person and her enthusiasm is infectious. Everyone is warm and welcoming and it is easy to feel that you are really helping. I never leave a Wings event without a big smile. The Monday night Wings programs are a wonderful way to start the week!

Writer – Volunteer 10/26/2015

I am so thankful to be a volunteer with Wings for Life ministry. Ann Edenfield is one of the most dedicated and tenderhearted persons I have ever met. Her love for the families is so obvious at each and every event that she plans for the inmates and their families. She welcomes the families with open arms, she engages the children and makes them feel special, she encourages open communication from the families and makes them feel that they are important and valued. I watch as the families are encouraged and uplifted by the speakers that minister in the Monday evening gatherings. The families receive a meal , a lecture or teaching and a wealth of information and resources to help them overcome the obstacles and difficulties of dealing with a family member who is incarcerated. They receive training in life skills, rewards for their achievements, prayer, and lots of love from Ann and the group of volunteers that support the Wings for life ministry. The inmates and their families need all the support that they can get from this community and Wings for Life, in my humble opinion, heads the list of ministries achieving that goal. I am blessed and proud to be a part of this ministry and I hope that Wings for Life is recognized for the vital role that it plays in this community.

Writer – General Member of the Public 10/22/2015

I have known the founder of Wings Ministry for about 20 years. I have supported the ministry financially and attended their outreaches often during this period, albeit not much over the past two years. This is ONLY because I am cutting back on my own outreaches as well, being 70. Ann, like me, is very personal in her outreach as, I think, was Jesus. The difference between us is her 1)energy and 2)ability to motivate others and to achieve consensus and accomplish Wings Ministry outreach goals. In both of these areas, she FAR exceeds expectations. She is outstanding and has attracted like minded outstanding individuals. If you are interested in helping families of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals, Wings Ministry sets the standard! I equivocally recommend this ministry.

Writer – Donor 10/22/2015

Working diligently in a system that few seem to notice or care for Wings Ministry has a tremendously wonderful impact on the incarcerated and their families. Wings shares the priceless gift of love with the forgotten members of our society, by organizing socials in which the incarcerated may spend time with their families and loved ones. Without question they are having an incredibly positive impact on the social culture of our great nation.

Writer – General Member of the Public 10/22/2015

I knew about this non-profit ministry through my school, CNM, as a volunteer. At first I thought the ministry ‘s job was just to feed people. Not until after weeks of volunteering I saw what the ministry was capable of.

This Ministry is one of the best non-profit organizations. Besides feeding and providing clothing for people every week, They are capable of helping people find jobs, have tutors to teach students, have guest speakers to talk about health issues, economy and give out gifts to family members and kids.


Danielle87 – Donor 10/22/2015

Awesome prisoner outreach for families of incarcerated individuals

Writer – Volunteer 10/21/2015

I became involved with Wings Ministry because of their work with prison inmates and their families. The programming that they provided by creating opportunities for inmates to have interaction with their families and in particular their children is priceless. It makes possible prison visitations to become a positive and life-enriching experience and creates an atmosphere for love and fellowship in an otherwise oppressive environment. The faith-based foundation of this program and the love of the volunteers allow inmates to experience love from strangers that can be life changing.

Writer – Client Served 10/21/2015

Wings Ministry provides an opportunity for children to interact with an incarcerated family member in a fun and far more natural setting than the usual prison visit. Kids remember the experience months and years later as a positive experience.

oaklife – Volunteer 10/21/2015

I met Ann several years ago at a COPE conference in Dallas TX and began volunteering on the Wings In-Prison events. Always, ALWAYS, very organized, very kind, very efficient and very effective! I would recommend WINGS to anyone looking for a ministry to volunteer with (or anyone looking for a safe place to donate money too!)