01-31-13 – Safari Park – Now We Become Tourists

This journey has been absolutely amazing. We counted visiting 13 prisons last night. We honestly can’t count all the orphanages and schools we have visited as it has been so many. James, our driver, who has driven vans for a living since 1972, has been in many cities and areas that he has never been in. We have even brought local people into the prisons for the first time and seen things they have never seen. We have seen a Kenya that most Kenyans will never even know.

The children call from the sides of the roads/paths – “Mzumbu – how are you?” They laugh and wave and sometimes chase the van for a short distance. We have met the most beautiful, loving people. When people sing for us, and they always do to welcome us into their churches, prisons, or schools, they are singing worship songs. They sing songs of Zion, of Resurrection, and always they are praising God. It is such a joy to meet such people of faith, including the staff in the prisons.

We can hear the Islamic call to worship at 5:00 am and see some mosques, but Kenya is predominately a Christian country. Those who came to share the Word of God have done a fabulous job because it seems most know of God and worship Him – even the prisoners.

We will soon go into a safari park – Nakuru National Park, which is Amy’s favorite park because it is smaller than some of the parks but has such variety of animals. There is a huge lake in middle of the park so there are also many birds and animals that live in marshy areas. We are so excited to see the animals in their natural habitation.