01-27-13 One Week update

Today is Sunday and we are going to church at Pastor John’s church 45 minutes outside of Kisumu. So far we have done Wings Parties/visits in 5 prisons (plus 2 later today), at least a dozen orphanages/schools (7 in one day alone), numerous churches, one hospital and 300 people that were part of a bible college graduation where we did a training and were also honored and given certificates recognizing our mission work. We tried to figure how many thousands of people we have met so far and our estimates vary from 5,000 to 9,000.

We are asking for prayers that our team finishes as strongly as we have started.

Prayer requests are:

  1. Travel without incident.
  2. Good health.
  3. Energy.
  4. James keeps the vehicle running.
  5. Allowing us to stay in the moment.
  6. To be able to see the blessings as they unfold.
    We are so grateful for:
  7. James
  8. The hospitality, graciousness, and escort to so many places.
  9. Their concern for our welfare and health.
  10. For Amy who planned out trip so carefully and has found places for us to sleep and feel safe.
    We worshipped this morning at Pastor John’s church where all the children we met yesterday were as well as about 60 people from the neighborhood. Frederick, a boy probably 11 – 13, from the neighborhood, read scripture from Matthew 25:33 about the talents and seeds. He surprised us by singing “Lord I Lift Your Name on High” acapella.
    Pastor John and Chaplain Nancy, the Chaplain for the women’s prison, took us to both the women’s and men’s prisons this afternoon. We were really welcomed at these prisons. We first went into the women’s prison where the ladies welcomed us with beautiful singing. We need Noah and the Ark with the ladies and they were the most involved I’ve ever seen. Various ladies got on their knees and were sheep, cats, cows, donkeys, and one older woman who at first was going to crawl as well then became an elephant. They loved it! They got so involved, laughed and laughed, and Chaplain Nancy was the turtle who was the last on the ark, with everyone shouting out to make the ark before there was too much rain!
    The staff were especially welcoming too. When we gave the Warden the special Tempary Beans, which are 33% protein, she laughed and said they would plant them and call them the Sweet Beans (for my last
    Then we went to the men’s prison. Again they welcomed us and we quickly were brought to an open courtyard where probably 400 men packed in tightly in the shade of the tree and others lined the fence
    where there also was shade. After we sang there was one older inmate who started yelling Alleluia, Alleluia, disrupting our program. Another inmate gently took his hand and escorted him into one of the
    buildings. We found out later that the man was blind and the Chaplain then told the story about Jesus healing the blind man.
    To save time, Pastor John and the Team dramatized the Sower. The male Chaplain from the prison was the Sower, and after dramatizing the birds, tramplers, the thorns and the rock, the men really seemed to
    get our point. I shared my story and they were so attentive.
    Pastor Nancy spoke to the men from her heart recognizing some of the men from her neighborhood and she said she would go back to visit.
    Since we are on the shores of Lake Victoria, we wanted to see the lake. A resort was near the airport, with a golf course next door, and yet when we got there we could see no water. A real problem is in the
    harbor in Kisumu as hyacinths have literally choked the harbor. For 8 months basically all one can see is greenery, which is a harbor full of hyacinths. This is because of all the waste from fertilizers and human
    waste which is feeding the hyacinths. We met the owner of the resort and his boats were stuck in the hyacinths. Apparently they often had hippos and even crocodiles in the water, but we didn’t see any
    animals. He said he wouldn’t even put his little finger in the water right now.
    Tomorrow we leave for Kisii. I will update as I can.
    The team is healthy and doing so well. I’m SO proud of each and every one of them!!!!!!
    In His love,