O1-23-13 – Kitale

We ended up driving for 11.5 hours from Meru to Kitale on Tuesday, January 22. It was a gorgeous drive, with the scenery constantly changing. We went from the more tropical landscape of Meru, to and through the Great Rift Valley (which goes from Israel to Mozambique for 9600 KM), to passing the equator several times and stopping once to see the water not swirl but go straight down. We went through an area where there were animals in the wild, and we saw our first zebras, rhinos, Oryx, crested cranes, impala, and camels. Of course we are seeing goats, sheep, donkeys, and cows everyone.

10:30 pm – 01-23-13 The most amazing thing just happened. I’m trying to send out emails, type up an agenda for a training for many pastors and lay leaders (don’t know how many but imagine it will be quite a few – there were 90 people who greeted us last night) and try to share our amazing parties at the Kitale Men’s Prison (1500) and Kitale’s Women’s Prison (400 total but only 50+ children at our party.)

We are staying at a lovely guest house called the Muremba Retreat Kenya Kitale Guest House. The owner, Samina Esmail, came to our quarters and offered us ice cream. You can only imagine what a treat watermelon and vanilla ice cream was! So of course I said yes. Somehow she mentioned that we seemed to have fewer bags in our rooms. I told her that we had given a lot of things away while here, and told her we had given medicine, dental supplies, pencils, pens, paper, etc. and then I mentioned seeds. She immediately perked up and said that she and her husband were in the maize (corn) business. Come to find out she and her husband are the second largest corn seed producers in Kenya! They sell to over 350,000 small farmers, and when I met her husband, I found out that his vision is to have all Africans learn how to feed themselves!

God is absolutely with us all day long! Of all the places we could have stayed in Kitale, we stayed here. Her husband rarely comes to Kitale, and she only came to be here because we were going to be here. This guest house is her hobby.

We shared some special beans that we were given that produce 33% protein and grow in only 60 days. We have them the seeds and I can’t wait to hear what happens next!

This is just a small indication of how God has been opening SO many doors for us and allowing us to minister in the prisons and elsewhere.

The elections will be held here on March 4. I didn’t quite understand why that was such a big deal, but now that I know they have only had 3 Presidents since their independence in 1964, I’m understanding why this is so important. Over 70% of the population votes in the elections, and while we were in the Warden’s office in Meru, he received a call from his boss. He talked for several minutes while we sat quietly in his office and then he announced, “Breaking news in Kenya! The prisoners can now be registered to vote!” Isn’t this amazing? Inmates can even vote from prison!

I will have to make this brief as it is now 11:00 pm and we are all tired. Our day started at 6:30 and we’ve gone strong ever since.

Actually, Deney has been very good about journaling and she has been kind enough to share her reflections. So I will send them out in another email.

What a receptive group the Kenyans are. They seem to love what we are doing and keep asking to hear and learn more.

I do believe we are going to have Wings Ministry all over Kenya, if the Kenyans have anything to say about it!