01-17-13 – Thursday Travel

This is the first report from the Wings Ministry Kenya Team.

Our team has now connected in Atlanta. (One team member flew in from Denver.) We leave at 10:50 pm for Amsterdam and then travel on to Kenya. We return on Feb. 4. We are anticipating meeting over 10,000 inmates in prisons all over Kenya. We’re visiting orphanages, hospitals, slums, and many churches. Please pray for us – God has given us many opportunities to minister to so many.

We are currently in Amsterdam. Three of us started in Albuquerque and had a 1:36 pm departure to Atlanta. There we met up with team member Elaine Clark, who flew in from Denver. We were blessed to be able to relax in Delta’s Sky Room before taking off for Amsterdam.

The flight was uneventful, which was good. I didn’t see an empty seat on the airplane, so I was thankful I was full fare and traveling with the team.

01-18-13 – Friday – 1st Day in Nairobi

We have arrived safely in Nairobi! We flew 8 hours from Amsterdam to Nairobi. We arrived, purchased our visas to enter the country, and were pick up by John, Amy’s driver. We took the new highway, an outer loop around Nairobi, and arrived at Amy and Andrew’s house at the U.S. Embassy compound. It was very interesting being able to see the lovely homes in the Embassy and the gorgeous landscaping.

We all took showers, started sorting the 13 boxes we had shipped to Kenya and our 50# suitcases. (I had packed 3 bags and one checked in at 51#.) We spread the seeds, medicines, books, pencils, pens, dental supplies, soaps, shampoos, candy, and all the other assorted gifts all over Amy and Andrew’s dining room and living room. Then we sorted supplies in each of the 13 boxes and additional boxes, so we had one gift box to give away each day.

Then we visited The Nest, a home for children of prisoners and female returning citizens (former inmates.) It was a beautifully kept, lovely home for 68 children. The children were napping when we got there so we saw them sleeping in their dorm rooms. Next we visited their dining room where they had a small native mud house with a thatch roof in the corner. We were really impressed that they had used this home for their Christmas nativity.

The children woke up, we did a party for them, and we were immediately in love with the Kenyan people! What a joy it was to meet such special, caring staff, and then to meet the precious children. What a GREAT way to start our mission trip to Kenya!

On the way home we exchanged money at the bank, visited the butcher shop to buy chicken for dinner, and we headed back to Amy’s home. Andrew fixed us a feast, using the chicken we had just gotten, and we all were happy to get to bed. It had been a long trip to get there but we were all grateful that after all our planning and travel, we now were ready to follow our calling.