Ministry to Bommakka Hindu Villagers
Report from Rev. Glory Dhas, for Motherland Missionary Movement-JMHA

The “Bommakka” or Thotty Nayakar people came to settle in the State of Tamil Nadu in the time of Nayakars (king family), 350 years ago, from the north. In Salem there are more than 70 villages of Bommakka, but in other districts like Dharmapury, Trichy and Namakkal there are even more.

We thank God for giving us an opportunity to minister with them in different ways. Five years back, when I visited them for the first time in their own village, I was surprised to see such a group in a developed region of our country. When I asked about Jesus, they said He may be in next village, but not here. They do not know the cross at all. I took two sticks and made a cross for them. They speak in Tami, but it is very barbarian, and they also they speak in Telugu.

Some highlights of their culture:

  1. They are barbarians and not really fully civilized.
  2. They only worship darkness.
  3. Darkness plays a big role in their lives.
    A. They have their weddings at midnight in dark jungle areas.
    B. When a girl attends puberty stage they keep her in dark for 7 days.
    C. Most of the gents in the society do black magic in the burial grounds in night.
    D. They go hunting into mountains in night time.
  4. All gent names are Bommayan and all women names are Bommakka. They said they wish to have their God’s name.
  5. These women do not wear a blouse like other Tamil ladies but they hide their body with sari. They said if they wear a blouse their God will give them itching.
  6. Children were not allowed to go to school until 5 years back because in schools they need to be given different names. (Today little changes are taking place and boys generally have started to go school. The girls usually do not.)
  7. When children are as young as 5 or 6 they become engaged for wedding and sometimes live together.
  8. Their traditional music and dances are their entertainment.
  9. Ladies in this community are not allowed to take food in hotels or other houses.
  10. Those who marry non-Bommakka will be sent out from the villages and cannot return or remain in communication with villagers.
  11. A women can allow anyone to her bed. If a husband knows that his wife sleeps with anybody he will go away from the house for several hours and then come back.
  12. They do not arrange wedding for just for one couple; usually at least 10 couples marry at a time.
    Our vision is to bring this whole community into eternal life.