FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Albuquerque NM, July 23, 2020—Wings For LIFE International, headquartered in Albuquerque, today announced that they are joining the family of area, regional and national non-profits for whom One Community Auto is their official vehicle donation partner. By choosing OCA, Wings For LIFE becomes one of the over 50 non-profits who have put their faith in One Community Auto to help raise funds through vehicle donations.Wings For LIFE International has created a targeted program to support the effort to raise funds through vehicle donations. The program, Wheels 4 Wings, is launching today and will be promoted through a variety of platforms, including traditional and social media, as well as creating a special section on their website, For LIFE International’s mission is to transform lives to break the generational cycle of incarceration. Wings springs from the passion of caring people, and the deep concern they have to help families of prisoners who have been largely shunned or ignored by our society. Executive Director Ann Edenfield Sweet, says of the new addition to their fundraising operation, “We were so grateful to learn about One Community Auto’s vehicle donation program that will help us raise additional funds to support and expand our many services. We look forward to working with them to encourage those who support our mission to consider donating unneeded vehicles—essentially “anything on wheels”—to help.”In our society where children are all at risk in one way or another, children whose parent(s) are in prison, face even more challenges. Wings provides an arena for effective ways to rebuild assets in the lives of our young people, which can greatly reduce or prevent their involvement in at-risk behaviors. Over the years, Wings has provided services in many states in the US., and has worked diligently in India, Kenya and Liberia to support prisoners and families. For a more complete understanding of their many programs that are helping change lives, please visit One Community Auto was formed in 2013 by New Mexico native Major Gary Peterson, USAF-Ret. Settling in Albuquerque and exploring several career options, in 2012 he read an article about a local charity needing support to fix one of their aging vans. He took on the challenge, not only helping them with decisions on the van, but turning another vehicle they had into a $4,000 sale. Merging his knowledge of vehicles with his entrepreneurial spirit, in 2013 he launched One Community Auto, LLC to help local non-profits raise money by selling donated vehicles of all types both at his local car lot, and now also through The donor gets a much higher tax deduction, the charity gets more money, and the buyers get good cars they can trust. Since beginning the vehicle donation program, he has helped raise over $1 million dollars to support their various missions. To learn more, please visit